Make your website Mobile Aware

with a dynamic QR code generator from QRSpider

How cool will it be if any webpage address of your site or blog can be scanned by a mobile phone?

QRSpider is a smart tool that can dynamically generate the QR code for any page on your website.

It’s so easy to generate the QRSpider code snippet and embed it to your website. Once embedded, your website will show a "Take 2 Mobile" button that can display the QR code for the current webpage.

Give your visitors the ability to take your webpage wherever they go...

Generate your button now!

Generate a QR button for your website

To add a QRSpider "Take 2 Mobile" button to

your website, just follow the 4 easy steps below.

1. Select the button color:
  • gray
  • reddish
  • green
  • blue
2. Select the button style:
QR Code
QR Code
QR Code
QR Code
QR Code
3. Generate the code:
Your Name
Your Email
4. Copy the code:
Embed the above code snippet in your website where you want the button to be displayed.
How it Works
You Generate the Code
Embed it to your site
Scan the page to mobile
Select a button color and style
that matches your website,
and click "Generate" button.
Copy the code and embed it in your
website where you want to the
"Take 2 Mobile" button to appear
Your website visitor scans the QR Code generated using a QR Code scanner to access the page on their mobile device.